Saturday, September 13, 2008

General Information

Annabelle Baskets are made especially for "heart babies" who require open heart surgery to repair their congenital heart defect. Since Annabelle received all of her care at MUSC in Charleston, SC, the Annabelle Baskets are primarily distributed to patients in the Pediatric Cardiology ICU after surgery. The staff at MUSC is wonderful to allow us to store baskets there so that they will always have some on-hand to distribute. Annabelle Baskets are also shipped worldwide as we learn of other precious heart babies. If you know of anyone who could benefit from receiving a basket from the heart, please contact us!

Contents of Annabelle Basket:

~warm receiving blanket to decorate the cribs & keep the heart babies cozy

~super soft pair of socks for cold little piggies

~small stuffed animal that will have many uses (Annabelle's held her venitlator tubes in place, propped up all sorts of lines & kept her company!)

~a beautiful bow to adorn the little girls or a precious newborn cap for the little boys

~a very useful burp cloth embroidered with the Annabelle Heart...all of these are graciously donated by Kathy's Kreations!

~a little note from Angel Annabelle

All baskets are unique and made to be extra special to each and every baby that receives one! They are all shrink wrapped and finished with curly ribbon!

We are funded entirely through the generous contributions of family & friends like you. We also accept donations of the items listed above if you would prefer to shop yourself!

Please email us at if you would like our mailing address!